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Hi to every one,
I'm sorry for the cross-post but I need information from both ng.
I have problems with my server because is archiving every month more or
less and I cannot access older posts through my mailer.
I know google-groups have them all but I would have liked to read not on
the web-browser.

I found some free servers which keep some months of posts, is there
anyone who knows some others which give better access?
Thanks a lot


Alessandro Basili
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Re: cross-post: newsgroup servers

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The archive at:

has every post ever made to comp.arch.fpga , and it is free.

(it requires web-browser access which you didn't want)

It includes theading by author, topic, and date. Both Google and Yahoo
searches are available, and currently Yahoo does a much better job.

Since I only update it once a month, it does not carry the most recent

Philip Freidin

Re: cross-post: newsgroup servers
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I use them: /

Not free, but they charge only 10EUR/year, which is very affordable and
the service is well worth it.

Payment is via Firstgate Click&Buy, not sure if that's available in
Switzerland you'd have to check.


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