Clock recovery chip for electirical interfacing of LXT6155 to SPECTRA chip

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I want to design an electrical interface for my stm-1 card. This card
uses PMC5342 (SPECTRA) chip from PMC-Sierra for overhead termination.
Spectra chip only has optical output. I want to use LXT6155 (stm-1
transceiver for coax cable or fiber). The problem with spectra is that
LXT6155 gets data and clock signal from system side (in serial mode),
but Spectra encodes data and clock signal on the single line, so I
need to extract clock and data signal from spectra outputs. There are
some chipsets for this in the market. I am not sure about this design,
because i have seen some stm-1 boards from other vendors with Spectra
and LXT6155 chipsets, but they have'nt use any clock and data recovery
Please guide me about this.
Best regards
Masoud Naderi.

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