cheapest board (of any sort) with an Atmel At94k40 FPSLIC on it?

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Hi, I'm interested in doing some experiments requiring a rather large
number of Atmel At94k40 chips (or, in a pinch, At40k40), but not
enough to be able to afford a board assembly run.  At minimum 10
devices, perhaps up to 50 or so depending on how much it all costs.

At the moment we're looking for a reasonably cheap source of boards
with the largest-size (__k40) device soldered down and access to some
reasonable subset of the pins.  Basically everything else is flexible.

The device itself (unsoldered) is only $50 on Digi-Key, but the only
board I can find that includes this chip (the STK94) costs $500!

The STK594 (note the "5") meets all my criteria, and can be used
without the STK500 motherboard.  The only problem is that it uses the
__k10 device which is only 25% of the size of the __k40, so we'd need
four times as many boards (at least!).

Any ideas?

  - a

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