C-1 how to reflash..

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I have this ...%#$%#$% commodore=one.
Recently it (auto)started an "emergency" flash procecure..
It halted (CRC error) now its dead..

Anyway, there is a program called c1-flasher (by Mr Lukats) but this program
produces errors under the XP. (access violation ar address 0000000000 read
of address 00000000000).

Any ideas?

On my c-1 there is a JTAG, I think I have to make a byteblaster cable and
connect this to this JTAG connector..
As I know nothing about this, I supposed that I must have the c-one  powered

I will appreciate ANY help.



Re: C-1 how to reflash..
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Hi Chris

sorry I have not been able to help, the issue is a bit more complex as the
flash is connected to devices that are not on the JTAG chain, so the process
is very weird, I use the 2 PLDs in EXTEST mode to download a small ip core
into the ACEX, then I again use EXTEST on the PLD to flash the rom, it
works, worked... but at the moment I am just too tired working hours from
05:40 to 23:56
are not so fun,
I am not promising to help as (too tired) my c1-flasher did work, but has
never been tested with XP SP2 I think


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