Altera EPC16 Configuration Problem

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I have a problem with configuration altera FPGA's on my board.
my configuration scheme is:
1 EPC16 device connected in PPS mode to:
A stratix device on Data0 (EP1S20) & 2 cyclone devices (EP1C12)
connected Data1 & Data2 of the EPC16…

when I power-up the board, the configuration cycle isn't started,
I can't find the DCLK (this signal stays LOW always!)
the nSTATUS signal goes HIGH ~85mSec after power-up
the CONF_DONE signal stays LOW always.

I've tried to connect an external OSC to the EPC16 => I didn't work.

Please advice,


Re: Altera EPC16 Configuration Problem
Hi Tal,

   A detailed reply which goes over the specifics for this solution along
with a cof file that you will need will be mailed separately. In a nutshell
the EPC16 device is not large enough to hold athe programming data for all
three devices if you use the Bitslice PS mode. However a solution that uses
compression will allow you to do so. The cof file will contain the settings
that you can edit.

- Subroto Datta
Altera Corp.

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