ABEL alias names

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  I am having trouble finding directive to call a port by different
names in ABEL HDL (Xilinx). Could someone let me know?


Re: ABEL alias names
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ABEL has a declarations section, which is everything between the
module keyword and the Equations keyword.  Within the declaration
section you can make aliases using the equals sign like:

MY_ADDR = [0,1,1,0,1,0,1];    " 6A write, 6B read

" Input data shift register
ISR7..ISR0 NODE istype 'reg' ;
IN_SR = [ISR7..ISR0] ;

Where IN_SR is an alias of the vector ISR7..ISR0 and MY_ADDR
is a constant vector.  Aliases can also be to simple port names

FRANK PIN istype 'reg' ;
george = FRANK ;

Hope this helps,


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