a question about linker map file

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I'm currently working in a POSIX thread management and synchronization
library upon xilkernel + (powerpc/microblaze). This library really
provides to user all thread-related xilkernel services plus
conditional variables and thread-specific data). Now, I'm interested
in measuring the size of this library in a specific executable

I have generated the map file but there are a few sections, such
us, .stab, .stabstr, .comment, or things as "size before relaxing"
that I don't understand. I can't find good documentation in Internet
about this matter.

1. Can anyone explain me the purpose of these sections?
2. Where can I find documentation about this issue in Internet?

PD. Sorry for my English.

Best regards,

Re: a question about linker map file
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I did a google of stab linker and got a bunch of hits.

http://developer.apple.com/documentation/DeveloperTools/gdb/stabs/stabs_13 .=

Re: a question about linker map file
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I had already visited that url, but I didn't do a deeply search.

I have found more info about stabs in the next url:


It seems to be that this section is used for debugging purposes (gdb),
but all my applications, my library and xilkernel are compiled without
the -g option (and with -O2), so no debug information should appear in
the map file. Does anybody have more precise information about this?

Best regards,

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