PC-controlled multimeter

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I'm looking for recommendations on a computer-controlled
multimeter to automate a test procedure. I'd like to be  
able to have the computer select voltage, resistance, etc.,
choose various ranges in each, and transmit readings to a

I see a lot of units that communicate, but I'm unclear  
whether they allow functions and ranges to be set, or
whether they just transmit results from the range selected  
on the front dial.

The one unusual requirement is a high resistance range (e.g.
2000Mohm). ACV/DCV/ohms ranges can otherwise be similar to  
regular handheld units.

Any suggestions?

Re: PC-controlled multimeter

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We use a lot of Keithley and Fluke benchtop DVMs in test sets, with
ethernet or USB interface. They can set anything under remote control
except for switching between the front and rear-panel inputs.

I prefer the Fluke 8845A. It's more stable at microvolt levels, does
good AC measurements, and is EMI harder than the Keithleys.

It only measures 100M ohms max, but you could do some simple hack to
measure gigohms.

There are cheap handhelds with interfaces, but the interface won't
turn the big range knob.

There are also cheap benchtop DVMs, typically Chinese. Might be good


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Re: PC-controlled multimeter
Am 23.06.2018 um 19:22 schrieb Randy Day:
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are some programs for UNI-T  or similar multimeters.


Re: PC-controlled multimeter


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Bookmarked, thanks!

Actually we have a Uni-T at the shop; can't remember  
the model number, though. Given the price of benchtop
units that John mentioned, maybe I can run multiple
cheap datalogger units switched in with relays; I  
wondered if there might be a low-cost all-in-one  
alternative I hadn't seen.

Re: PC-controlled multimeter
On 2018/06/23 10:22 AM, Randy Day wrote:
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Mooshimeter? Doesn't do resistance, but for remote monitoring of voltage  
and current it is handy...and perhaps the designer is interested in  
expanding it to resistance.


Handy tool!

John :-#)#

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Re: PC-controlled multimeter
snipped-for-privacy@flippers.com says...


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Wireless doesn't really offer an advantage in
this instance, but it's an interesting device.


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