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Re: Zynq devices, boards and suppliers

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It took about a week to get two, several weeks ago. They can probably find some
for good customers. We buy a lot of stuff from them, and it was "get us a couple
and we'll design them in."

The good part is that the design, including Gerbers, is fully public, so we (or
someone) can build them if we have to. It will save us a ton of time, as
compared to doing all that pcb-layout/flash/dram/ethernet/power supply/software
stuff ourselves.

I hope they are serious about it. They have sure invested a lot so far.

The carrier/demo board is apparently not real yet. We'll have our own
application board first, with spare room, so we'll add in some development hooks
for future projects. Suggestions are welcome....

Mictor connector for a logic analyzer
Pots for the ADC inputs
A few SMB connectors for scope trigger/signal snooping
Shunts to measure Vcc and bank currents
Easy ways to vary iobank voltages
Dip switches and LEDs
Temperature sensor IC
Clock oscillators


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Re: Zynq devices, boards and suppliers
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That big wire on the back of the board in your photo is interesting.
Although red in color, it looks like what's traditionally called a "blue
wire", i.e.  maybe they're out of stock right now because the board is
in the process of being revved.

Re: Zynq devices, boards and suppliers
I'd like to make a couple of comments based on my experience,
in the hope they might be helpful to other netizens.

In the end I purchased an Avnet MicroZed and JTAG cable in
January. The ordering process was smooth but the delivery
wasn't. An email confirmed the stated 3 week delay for
the MicroZed, and that the JTAG cable /was/ in stock.
However, the next day the website showed an 18(!) delay
until May. I quickly cancelled the now out of stock
JTAG cable, and the MicroZed turned up in March, after
maybe 8 weeks.

That is unacceptable and makes me unlikely to choose
to use Avnet as a distributor.

More positively, the MicroZed documentation and support
have been exemplary; the potential concerns I raised
in the note below haven't been bourne out. Indeed Avnet
have expanded their range and appear to be making concerted
efforts to make a business in this area.

So far I have /no/ concerns about having chosen to use
a MicroZed, although nowadays I would probably choose
to use the MicroZed SBC board variant.

On 16/10/13 12:28, Tom Gardner wrote:
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Re: Zynq devices, boards and suppliers

You can have a look at MYIR's Z-turn Board which is Xilinx Zynq-based Singl
e board computer pricing start at only US$99.

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C+8??7:28:44?Tom Gardner???
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