Zilog eZ80 MAC buffer help

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I have the board running in promiscuous mode, but I keep getting
a "F91 emac Rx Overrun" error. I realize this is because the emac
buffer is getting full, but it is getting full from very small
amounts of data coming in fairly slowly. Loading google.com and
watching the packet exchange gives this error. Doing my own tests, I
get that error when I pass around the 6 KBps mark, which is way too
low. What I don't understand is that I am able to retrieve all the
data of previous packets, I no longer need that information, but yet
it still is being stored in the buffer. Does anyone know how to fix
this problem? Thanks.

Re: Zilog eZ80 MAC buffer help

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Can't help you with details, as I don't use F91, but maybe looking at
Zilog's driver sources may shed some light on your problem.



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