zero ohm links, 1/4W ?

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Just about to design a new board and need to use some zero ohm links to
allow easy circuit isolation incase of any hardware debugging. Going to
use a 1205 package. It's listed at 1/4 Watt. +/- 5%. Hmm, does that
mean that you get some zero ohm links that amplify? ;)

How does that work then? How much current do you have to put through
zero ohms to get 1/4 watt power consumption?

Ok, zero ohms must be a very small resistance. I wonder what it is?
There must be a maximum current allowed. I simply can't believe that a
zero ohm link in 1205 package can take, say, 100A.


Re: zero ohm links, 1/4W ?
I would assume there is some current limit as you said.

The package you want is a 1206, not a 1205, btw. Unless you want to use
the smaller ones, in which case the package you want is 0805. Unless
you want to use the *really* small ones, in which case 0603 is your
best bet (but I wouldn't recommend going that small)

Mouser or digikey will sell them to you 1000 to a reel for next to

Re: zero ohm links, 1/4W ?
1206 zero resistor have 50mR  resistor
P=I*R,and you need remain 50% redundance

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