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Happy New Year to Y'All

I am looking for a microcontroller and am considering the XC167 (I used the
C167 many times)

Does anybody out there know :

- Is this part real (i.e. in volume production with a decent design base) ?
The data sheets are a year or so old, but none of the disties (US) I looked
at had any, and had MOQ's of 1000 with 20 weeks leadtime.
- Where can I get a small number quickly for development (and maybe an eval
card of some description) ?
- I plan to use Tasking and Hitex tools (familiarity) - anybody have better
ideas ?


Re: XC167

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I used to design in the C167, too. I would be wary about it for a new
design. Have you looked at all the ARM7 parts that are available now?
Good, free tools, popular, lots of "community" support.

That is what I seem to be using now for everything.


John Devereux

Re: XC167
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  and, as well as checking the ARM Price points, you could also look at
the Infineon 32 bit Tricore. Latest releases on this, like the TC116x
family, must push the 16 bit XC series.

Re: XC167
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XC161 is certainly out there and has been so for over a year.

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The Tasking compiler is one of the best I've come across on (X)C16x.

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