XA-G49 (8051 extended architecture) I/O Port Bit-Addressing Question

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The P3 I/O port in my application has some bits used for output-only
and some for input-only.  The output-only bits are configured in
push-pull mode and the input-only ones in quasi-bidirectional.

In quasi-bidirectional mode I have to write a '1' to the bit latch, so
as to not pull the line down myself.

My question:  Can I use bit set/bit clear instructions (CLR, SETB) on
the output-only bits without clobbering the bit-latch for the input

If SETB/CLR are implemented as RMW, and the input value is zero, that
will clobber the latch, but if the SFR is truly bit-addressable at the
lowest level, then a bit operation won't clobber neighboring bits.

Here's an example to clarify my question:

  Suppose bit-7 is my input pin and bit 0 is my output pin.

  I want to set the output latch on bit 7 to '1' so as to allow the
  external device to drive it.  I can do this with the instruction:

      setb P3.7

  If the device is currently driving the pin low, I'll get a zero
  in bit-7 if I read P3 back.

  Now say I want to drive out a '1' on my output bit, bit 0.
  I *could* do this with:

      setb P3.0

  But if this is implemented internally as a read-modify-write, it
  could do:

      P3 <- P3 OR 1

  As a read of P3 gives a zero in bit 7, this would clear bit 7,
  which is obviously undesired - my input bit is pulled low by the
  latch and that's the end of that.

  However, the chip implements:

      P3.0 <- 1

  Natively, then the P3.7 bit latch is untouched.

The XA User Manual does not specifically address this, although the
device is supposed to be operationally compatible with the 8051,
and I hope there are many 8051/XA-savvy people out there who could
help me out!


Re: XA-G49 (8051 extended architecture) I/O Port Bit-Addressing Question
snipped-for-privacy@yahoo.com (Paul Marciano) wrote in message

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Ok, actually it does (page 7-16).  So I'm good to go.

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Apparently not.  Not a single message.  I guess 8051 architecture
microcontrollers aren't popular.

Re: XA-G49 (8051 extended architecture) I/O Port Bit-Addressing Question

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Well, I've used the XA-G49 on a couple of jobs, gave up because it's too
thirsty, but these days I only use assembler when I have to. Life is
short, and anyway I'm not really interested in device- specific
characteristics, keep it C and general, and I can port it to something
else if I need to. But Philips really messed up when they designed the
XA series, as it's NOT pin compatible with the 8051 if you use an
external bus.

Paul Burke

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