WinCE assembler (ARM)

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I'm looking for some example code for a WinCE project I'm working on.

What I'm trying to figure out is how to do is have an assembler routine
that, when called, increments a value stored in a global variable (say,

This global variable is declared in and used by a C value.

Since I'm sure you'll ask, I'm working on an interrupt handler for timer
overflows, so that I can have a little more range.  This is inside the
bootloader, so the OS isn't running.  I know how to handle the
interrupt, I just don't know how to get at and use the C variable inside
assembly code.

If someone can give me an example of doing this in a way the MS
assembler can understand, it would be appreciated :)

The chip is an IXP420 (Intel Xscale)



Re: WinCE assembler (ARM)
// ---------- test.c

int g_tickCnt = 0xF00;

;;  --------- assemble.s

IMPORT g_tickCnt

    ldr  r8, =g_tickCnt    ; load address
    ldr  r7, [r8]        ;  load the value of g_tickCnt

Re: WinCE assembler (ARM)
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