Which microcontroller do you advice?

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I have been tried to develop some small projects on MicroChip's PICs
like I said before.

But in the commercial area which microcontroller is most selected? I
don't want to waste my time anymore! Nowadays, I'm working on ARMs.

Thanks for your advice...

Re: Which microcontroller do you advice?

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Stay with ARM

Re: Which microcontroller do you advice?

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That would of course depend on what you where doing.  There is not one
micro that does all.

Re: Which microcontroller do you advise?

Tolga Onbay wrote:

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Picking the microcontroller which is "most selected" is a poor way of
insuring that you don't waste your time.  There are thousands of low
end 4/8-bit processors sold for every ARM, and thousands of ARMs sold
for every Pentium, but the employment picture is pretty much the
reverse -- there are very few jobs programming 4-bit processors.

Every successful small embedded systems engineer[1] I know can work
with a number of processors.  He/she usually has a favorite for tiny
and cheap jobs, and another favorite for doing something sophisticated.
ARMs are a great place to start.  Another thing that will enhance your
employability is to know how to program small processors in assembly
and C.  Also, you should learn as much about hardware as possible, and
you should have something like a BasicX BS-24 in your toolkit for those
times when you want one controller with a simple program to be up and
running in less than 5 minutes. See [ http://www.basicx.com/ ].

http://www.basicx.com /

[1] I say "small embedded systems" because there is a whole other  
world out there where performance is king; gigabit routers, embedded
PCs that test avionics, high-speed ASICs, etc.

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