Which LCD is this?

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I have an LCD here the size of a PDA screen 2" x 3" that I bought from
a surplus store. I cannot find any mention of it anywhere online.

There are only two numbers behind it:

It has three set of connectors. One is just two large pins (backlight?)
onto which Ive applied voltage upto 9V both ways with nothing.

The second is 4 pins which seems like touchscreen to me the way the
pins spread out to the four general areas of the LCD. The third ribbon,
has 18 connectors which go through through-holes enough number of times
to throw me off from what is the data bus and which are controls.

Where can I find further information on this thing? Is it complete
garbage because noone has the datasheets or even a quick pinout sheet?

The LRH prefix somehow tell me it is an LG part. Any ideas?

Re: Which LCD is this?

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manufacturer ALPS
http://www.partsvault.com/partsvault/part_search /

http://www.alps.com /
but they don't seem to know about it

you might get a clue here

or try asking here
http://www.eio.com/public/lcd.2005 /


Re: Which LCD is this?


Ive tried the various alps sites and checked their lcd datasheets of
most similar LCDs to get an idea. Theres no help there. It seems like
in the LCD business, they keep things hush so older lcds have NO market
at all, fuelling the LCD market further.

I now have a small stack of nice cheap LCDs that I cant find info on.
But this one is nice and small, perfect for my applications. I dont
want to spend $150 on something like this with a datasheet.

darkknight wrote:
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Re: Which LCD is this?
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I'm guessing as I have not seen the modules you have, but this link has
similar pins as you have described...
it's for a LRH9J515XA  http://www.bhrtos.com/download/2004426192353.pdf

Re: Which LCD is this?

There it is!!!

The very same lcd, pins and looks and all!.

Email me your address I'll mail you a free one.

How did you find it?

snipped-for-privacy@gmail.com wrote:
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Re: Which LCD is this?
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How did I find LRH9J5035A, I don't remember how I got to change the
LRH9J5035A to LRH9J503XA

But searching for LRH9J503XA, found this PDF
which has you LCD and 2 others with various options, then searched more
on the LRH9J515XA.

ALPS 320 x 240 LRU9J501XA 80,8 x 61,6 93,8 x 74,6 X
ALPS 320 x 240 LRH9J515XA 80,8 x 61,6 93,8 x 75,1 X X
ALPS 320 x 240 LRH9J503XA 80,8 x 61,6 93,8 x 75,1 X X

Searching for LRH9J515XA finds some other interesting PDFs, admittedly
not in english, but gives you some ideas.


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