What's behind JTAG/ICE break in action

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Dear all,

In my board with Samsung S3C2410, I found something strage and suspect
there should be something have been done after using ICE to stop the
system but I cannot figure out what it is. I wonder whether it is the
JTAG or the debugger(ARM AxD/MSFT Platform Builder), or timing issue
make the difference. Can anyone give me some hint?

Case 1:
One system fail when boot and free run, while it will work if I
intendedly leave a infinite loop after bootloader copy all image from
flash to RAM, instead of setting program counter to starting of the
image in RAM, I use debugger to break in and set program counter to
starting of the image in RAM, then it works. I cannot figure out why?

Case 2:
Use MSFT platform builder to read register is OK, while write fail.
But if I use JTAG/ICE to write, then it will be no problem. Why?

I really appreciate any input.

Alan Tsai

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