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  I often heard that "image" is used in embedded application. This is
something to do with a pointer and it is common to use "image" to
configure the peripheral Integrated Circuit (IC).
  What is this "image" actually ? Why and When we use "image" ?
  Thanks in advance.

Re: What is "image"
The term "image" is most often used for identical memory locations,
which can be accessed at different addresses. That happens when
addresses are incompletely decoded. A very simple example: an 8-bit CPU
might have a total address space of 64kB, i.e. it has 16 address lines
(A0..A15). You reserve the upper half for some peripheral registers by
selecting these registers if A15 is high. If you use the lower four
bits (A0..A3) to select one out of 16 registers, then you can address
the first of these registers with any address from 0x8??0...0xf??0. The
question mark means that any combination is valid. In other words, an
access to 0x8000 adresses the same data as 0x8010. 0x8010 is called an
image of 0x8000.

Re: What is "image"
Op 11 Feb 2005 04:15:52 -0800 schreef snipped-for-privacy@yahoo.com:

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IMHO that is called 'mirror'

Re: What is "image"

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"Image" refers to the "panache", the "charisma", the "joi de vive" that
exudes from electrical engineers in the workplace and at social gatherings.
Its what draws supermodels of both sexes to cluster around EEs, an
attractive life-force that causes high and low society to look past the
horned rimmed glasses held together with lint-laden Scotch tape, past the
stained plastic pocket protector jammed with cheap Bic pens, past the
tattered polyster trousers hitched up over the belly-button.

"Image" is the EE's radiance of creative "schizzle" and its what makes EEs
the envy and awe of other professionals.

"Image" may also refer to executable code that runs on a processor.  This
code may include both the operating system (OS) and a specific task or group
of tasks, perhaps programmed by you, Mr. Wong.

Re: What is "image"
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HAHAH!  thanks for that.  seriously.

Re: What is "image"

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Perhaps you have been smoking too many rolled up Dilbert cartoons ???

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