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Re: water well depth
Hi group,

First off, I am not an embedded engineer but have been in software for the
last 2 decades plus. Just getting interested in embedded now. Haven't seen
an active well in a couple of decades as well where I stay.

But I just thought of this - can someone see if it will work ? My criteria
were simple and cheap enough - what that means to each reader, and whether
practical, may vary !

Let's have a weight that is heavy enough to drop with the dropping well
water level but light enough to float on it's surface. Have a light fishing
line connected to it and wound up on a spool. The spool needs to be
tensioned such that it takes up slack without lifting the float off the

The reel is mounted on a screw threaeded rod. Now, the end of the rod will
move in one direction or the other as the float drops or rises and rotates
the reel. Can we not then have some form of measurement of how far the rod
end is from a fixed point ? Or alternatively, a device that simply tracks
the turns made by the reel from when the float was initially dropped from
the ground level ? Both of these measurements should give a fairly accurate
water level reading i think.

Just a thought.


Re: water well depth
Hi Steve,

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Well, the echo method would be sustainable and long-lived. Pretty much
maintenance free if you use good parts that don't corrode easily. Some
of our early ultrasound designs are still in use, to the point where the
chassis paint starts to wear off.

An idea for the cable: What if you mounted a pressure transducer at the
end? Then you would exactly know where your water level is, including
dynamics such as detecting a slow-down of refill through the rock
formation fissures. Of course, you would have to have a non-fatigue and
chemically neutral guide wire in parallel so your cable doesn't sag over
time. And nothing that can leach out and contaminate your water. You
might be able to lower it all the way to the pump if that's safe.

Regards, Joerg


Re: water well depth

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In furtherance to my earlier response I have found this interesting site
from a company who produce off the shelf borehole monitoring solutions. I
won't claim that they are in your budget.

        http://www.geovista.co.uk /

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