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Is anyone here doing anything to do with VSIPL?

I've been working on a VSIPL project for a few months now, looking at
developing a commercial implementation. I've been looking mostly at the
system design issues and the hardware specifics. I reckoned it was
maybe about time to take another look at the motivations and I'm trying
to get more of a feel for what's happening with this standard at this
point in time.

If you go looking on the internet for what people think of VSIPL, you
don't hit on a lot of stuff. There are a good few discussions from a
couple of years ago talking about VSIPL as something that never
happened. Another failed standard.

However, interest in the standard seems to be growing again. My project
for example, and this appeared in september:


At the MAPLD conference in Washington in September I spoke to a number
of people in industry who were very interested in VSIPL, senior
scientists at the Air Force Research Laboratory for example. I
understand that Lockheed Martin have also shown a strong interest in
VSIPL implementation development.

Any thoughts?

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