visual basic 3 embedded -about dll

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Can anyone help me with Embedded Visual Basic. I have problems with dll.
Palm doesnt see these dll, I mean, it gives messeges: Could not create
component...for example Grid.

Please if you know how to register maybe these component on palmtop, please
give me sign.

Tahank you in advance

Re: visual basic 3 embedded -about dll
visual basic..... embedded?  you didn't actually use all that in the same
sentence, did you?

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Re: visual basic 3 embedded -about dll
Im sorry, i did not mean to be a smartass.  Nonetheless, I have done
embedded systems for about 10 years, and did Visual Basic, for about 2.....
they do not belong in the same sentence.   Unfortunately, it seems, that
anything M$ produces is overinflated microFluff taking too much memory, too
much hardware resources, too much time, and even too much patience to even
dick with.   Ever seen Microsoft Installer (or Windows Installer,
whatever)...........  they actually expect you to scroll through 43
alpha-numeric encryption keys..........   basically, i do not have enough
time in my life for GatesSoft...........

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Re: visual basic 3 embedded -about dll
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Connect to system, they have an embedded visual basic
Part of it is still searchable by google, and probably answer most of your

You are looking for the regsrvce.exe application on your device.
Look through as well.

Not many here would call Window CE Embedded embedded operating system.
I am using it now, and the continual complaint I see from people who are new
to it  is "where is the date picker control". They are just lost. Its kind
of sad to see.
There are (it seems) about 4 people doing "embedded" work with it, the rest
are just making "medical transcription applications","GPS logging for
surveyors" or a "remote database viewer/entry program".

Also most have moved on to .Net since the eVB environment was such waste of

In my case I thought I could create a rental machine with it, and used eVB
so I could get some help from a VB programmer I had in the office. The
mistake was that eVB was a script language and was just a total sloth on the
target I was using.

Its doing the job, but very slowly. I am just hoping that my target provider
will stop shipments and I can put a case in to move to a better target.


Re: visual basic 3 embedded -about dll
Embedded Visual Basic is for PocketPC,
the code will NOT run on a Palm Pilot.

Google has a ton of links for Embedded Visual Basic,
maybe some of those will help you.


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