Virtex-4 EDK7.1 and VGA display

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I am trying to use the VGA display on the ML402 xilinx board, with
V2SX35 FPGA on it. I am basically working with the reference desig
provided by xilinx for ML402 board.  I am using EDK7.1i and ISE7.1.03.

The problem I have is that I don't get any display on the VGA screen usin
the reference design ("slideshow" and "bootload"). But, when I use th
design provided by Xilinx in the CF card, I am able to get the display o
the VGA screen!!

Also, when I run my software on the hardware system configured on the FPG
by the default design, I can drive the VGA output!!

The only difference I see is that the default design uses system0.bit an
system1.bit to configure the FPGA prior to downloading the catua
configuration bit-file. I cannot find the source code for the
bit-file generation.

There seems to be some issue with DCM module in V4 using EDK7.1i. XIlin
provided some nullBitStreams, but I cannot get my system work using th

 Can someone help me with this issue. Any suggestion is appreciated.


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