Via and Pad sizes in Eagle 4.11

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Vias and pads both have two dimensions; the drill size and the pad
size.  I do not completely understand how these dimensions are
controlled.  I can set a drill size and that value shows when I do an
"info" on the via or pad.  But the diameter seems more complex.  When I
do an "info" the diameter show three values "0.029/0.029 0.024".  Or the
last number can read auto.  When I change the diameter, only the last
value changes.  What do these three numbers mean?  

I see in the restring tab of design rules, there seem to be settings for
pad diameters.  Are the first two numbers the result of the restring
settings?  I see there is a percentage as well as min and max.  Perhaps
the first two numbers are the range of pad size due to the DRC
settings.  Anyone know for sure?  What will I get when the set diameter
is more or less than the DRC settings?  What size do I get when the
diameter is set to auto?

Re: Via and Pad sizes in Eagle 4.11
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This issue was discussed in detail in the eagle forums about 1 year
ago... if you search, I am sure you can find it :)

I don't recall what the three numbers mean, but restring rules take
precedence over pad size. If you set the size to auto, the pad size
becomes (drill size + 2x restring).

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