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In VenturCOM RTX, i am having some doubts:
Actually we are using Windows baased PCI based cards as well as the
corresponding drivers in our application. To incorporate RTX, i have
rewritten my entire application in RTX based application. Then i have
converted the PCI device in to RTX based device. RTX INF support has
been added automatically. After conversion, I was trying to run my
application it is saying the Error in accessing the PCI handle.

Here I am having a common doubt, actually my pci drivers are written in
windows. While converting the device itself, will it convert my windows
driver in to RTX supported driver??, or do i need to write a separate
driver using RTX SDK??.

My basic qs. is whether i can use the same windows drivers with the
converison of the device alone. Or do i need to write the separate
drivers in RTX.

Please advice me on this regard.

Thanks and Regards,

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