Using Jungo's Windriver for Embedded USB App

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Im looking to encorporate usb2 into my embedded app.  At of all the
solutions, the Cypress FX2 IC, seems the best, it has an 8051 core with

Has anyone used this?  Jungo sells firmware for this chip (WinDriver),
but is it meant to work along side of my application firmware in the
same 8051??  It has very little ram, so Im guessing the jungo driver
runs exclusively on it, and my application runs external to the chip.
 Has anyone used this?

Re: Using Jungo's Windriver for Embedded USB App schrieb:
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we use the FX2 in various projects. The Jungo driver suite is only for
the PC-USB-Driver and not for the FX2 application. You must develop it
with a microcontroller environment, like KEIL-C51. We didnīt use a
driver suite because mostly you get an generic driver, which is not
speed optimized and able to solve all the requirements of the application.


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