Using EDIF file in XPS

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Dear Friends,

I have written a verilog code for a module. I have synthesized it with
Synplify Pro for a Virtex II Pro chip and it has given me an edif
netlist file. Now I want to use this synthesized edif file as a
peripheral and import it to my system via import peripheral wizard in
XPS. but it seems we are not allowed to import an edf file without a
top level HDL file.
could you please tell me how do I can import a edf file to a XPS system?


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Re: Using EDIF file in XPS
Hi Mohsen,

Synplify Pro is able to generate output netlist in EDIF / VHDL / Verilog.
You have to change your script of Synplify Pro for generating the VHDL
output netlist.

Otherway, you will need to have an EDIF2VHDL converter. Please contact
me, I have written a EDIF2VHDL in perl language.

Kind regards,
Laurent Gauch

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