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I am looking for some free-download software that can run on a PC (W 2000 or
XP) that will display all the communication between the PC and a selected
USB device, even if (especially if) the device is not being enumerated

So far, I am looking at HHD Software's "USB Monitor".  Anyone have
experience with this or something similar?

Re: USB Monitor software

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I've used SourceUSB (trial version). Not 100% sure it'll do what you
want, but I found it useful for my purposes.



Re: USB Monitor software
I have used one called USB Snoopy.  It was first recommend to me by a
recent CS graduate who did his senior project on USB communications.  I
have used it to capture the sequence of events windows uses to
enumerate devices.

Re: USB Monitor software
Check out SnoopyPro at:

or see the list at:

Jim Boyle

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