USB EHCI & OHCI drivers on Linux

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We are planning to port the USB host controller driver from linux to
dsp bios for our application.

Do we need to port the OHCI implementation also to make my host
controller to work in EHCI mode? in simple words, is the OHCI
implementation subset of EHCI implementation?

Thanks & regards,
Nagendran V

Re: USB EHCI & OHCI drivers on Linux
On 10 Apr 2005 06:30:30 -0700, ""

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Hi, what drivers you need to port depends on your destination
hardware. To save time during development of EHCI high speed hardware,
the orginal EHCI chips "hand off" Full and low speed traffic to OHCI
or UHCI cores contained on the EHCI chips.

I have seen one EHCI controller that does not need a companion for
full and low speed traffic. Most EHCI controllers currently do this
"hand off", but there some that have one or more UCHI companions, some
that have one or more OHCI companions.

Good Luck. ~Steve
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