uCOS-II with DSP 56800E on Motorola EVM problem

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I'm testing the EVM for 56800E by Motorola. Everything works ok, but
when I try to use uCOS-II, with Processor Expert bean, the code
(already working on older projects) goes for few seconds and than
It seems - as usual - a stack problem. I've noticed that that the
generated code does not include the OsIntEnter/OsIntExit when PE
generates code for a serial line , for example.
The user can not include those calls into generated code. It' my first
attempt with a RAD system, so can anybody point me in the rigth
I've a 2.76 uCOS-II valid source.

Thanx - bugfixer

Re: uCOS-II with DSP 56800E on Motorola EVM problem
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Sorry I can't answer your question, but you should join the MicriumNewsGroup
on Yahoo groups.   Post your question there and you will likely get an


Re: uCOS-II with DSP 56800E on Motorola EVM problem
Problem solved. For those interested and at the beginning with

Pay attention to set "Interrupt preserve registers" set to yes ALSO OF
INHR1 bean, included into uCOS bean.
I did for the others, but I did not see it in Inhr1!

-- bugfixer

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