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Hello all,

i have some problems with the UART and the SPI modules of the MCF5282.
What do i have to do to get them running. I work with the senTec evaluation  
Board COBRA5282 and a gcc GNU - Compiler. The Compiler is installed on the
host and is running well. The Motorola dBug - Software on the Evaluation
Board is also running well.

Steps that I have done:

- Creating a Header - File where all register addresses are dedicated to
register names

- Writing a Init.c where the

        - Chip Configuration register is set
        - PLL is initialized
        - Software Watchdogtimer is disabled
        - SRAM is enabled for the on chip modules through the SCM - Registers
        - UART is set up and enabled through the UART registers

- Writing a io.c which handles the UART IN/OUT - functions
- Writing a main.c which calls the functions of Init.c and uses the OUT -
function of io.c

The compilation of the project works properly.

But there is entirely no effect to the UART after downloading the software
with the dBug tool. Hope anyone can tell me standard way to run the UART on
the MCF5282. Perhaps the failure is by start up configuration of the

bye Bjoern!

It is impossible to tell what you are doing wrong if you don't show us what you
are doing. At least post the code you wrote for initializing and talking to the

Quoted text here. Click to load it

You need to enable the IO pins for UART mode:
  if ( unit < 2 ){
    MCF5282_GPIO_PUAPAR |= 0x3<<(unit<<1);
    MCF5282_GPIO_PTCPAR |= 0x11<<unit;

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