u-boot bootloader porting....

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If you are looking for a good bootlaoder for your new hardware...
then I am able to help you out with porting u-boot to your platform..

Only requirements:

- Available toolchain for the platform...either free gcc/binutils
   or commercial package has to be supplied.

- Sponsoring of at least 1 target platform for the porting service
   (quantity depends on the complexity)

For more details and references contact: richard-at-uclinux-net

that's all...no charges (o;

Re: u-boot bootloader porting....

Visit www.revogear.com and repost this message to them nicely. The
userbase for the Kuro Box is clamoring for a decent u-boot port. In
particular, they would like the ability to boot off a HDD-based kernel
instead of the flash-based kernel. But the majority of users are not
sufficiently embedded to be able to do it. And I don't have time ;)

I'm sure Revolution will give you a Kuro if you promise them u-boot,
and the MPC8241 is supported by standard GNU toolchain, precompiled
versions of which are available for download from them.

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