Thyristor rectifier controller

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I need to find dedicated controller for 3-phase thyristor rectifier for
high current DC power source, with serial interface (e.g. RS232/485).
It's not problem to make one using some uC,
but  customer's  requirement is - "use only off-the-shelf units"!
Internet searches give me nothing yet, but i suppose that
such a device should exist  :)

Thanks in advance for  any advice or link !

With best regards,
        Artem Smolenkov.

Re: Thyristor rectifier controller
Hi, RS component sell a board that does exactly what you want. I programmed an
8051 chip to do the same thing some years ago. Putting it in a micro is really
the only way to go, explain to your client that a micro is "off the shelf" as
long as they have a copy of the software and a means to program the chips which
is pretty easy.

Re: Thyristor rectifier controller
Try this link...



Re: Thyristor rectifier controller
Many thanks!  I'm following links...

With best regards,
         Artem Smolenkov

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