ThreadX on ARC platform -- Application abruptly stops.

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Hi guys,
               I am working on a multi-threaded application that is
compiled on Metaware C using Thread X API's on an ARC chipset platform.
Using Seecode Debugger for debugging. I am faced with a strange problem
here. There are some undeterministic times when, this application and
ThreadX abruptly stops executing and except for the Power LED which
stays on, nothing else works. That is there is no reponse at all. Not
even the Thread X timer callbacks that I have registered get called.

If it was something like an invalid memory access we could expect the
development board to reset ( restart). I have also checked the thread
stacks using Seecode debugger, there is no overflow.

For memory managment, we are using TheadX byte pool and block pool
service API's

We manage the thread stack memory requirements using a Block pool
(created at init) and normal allocations if needed using a byte pool
that we create at init. Initially we had used byte_pool for the thread
stack memory also but we found a fragmentation based memory allocation
problem on running the application for sometime. So we decided to use
Block Pools for thread stack allocations. Would the choice me services
for memory management be a reason we are having this abrupt hang/stop
or the application and threadx ? Or what could be the reason.

I am hoping to get some ideas thrown at me about what might be the

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