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Well, no, it isn't quite that simple.  There is a priority scheduler
It's necessary to find the highest priority task that is ready to run.
It's necessary to place the task being preempted into a queue.
It's necessary to be able to handle external interrupts under the
control of the OS.
The implementation and speed of this varies between RTOS's.


Re: threadx

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I know there are some weird priority schedulers arround :-)

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Ok, lets put it this way: All RTOS with an O(1) scheduler offer fast
taskswitching. On most (if not all) 32Bit CPUs saving/restoring the
register-set takes more time than finding the next task to run.

E.g. ARM5TE with an RTOS with 32 priorities (Sciopta, OSE Epsilon):
Finding the next ready process takes 4 cycles.
But saving and restoring the tasks working registers takes at least 2
times 10 cycles (assuming to save only registers not previously saved
due to a system-call).

And I am pretty sure any RTOS (w/o MMU) is as fast as those two.

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This may vary but I'd say it's effect is hidden by other things, like
RAM/Flash speed.

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This will have no effect on the task-switching times.

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Yes, but I think that RTOS users should not look at the pure
task-switch time because of the reason above.

The real thing is more interresting: That is sending data from one
process/task to another.
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