thermal printer font problem

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  Now we are working in the firmware development for thermal printer.
One of the requirement is that the printer should have 10 character
set with 3 different size. Actually the printer head getting 1/0
corresponding to the bitmapped hex value of the character. But we
don't know, how to get the bitmapped hex value of each character. Is
there nay free tool/application in the net, which convert the ttf
format to the bit mapped binary one.

Actually the structure of the font file of each character set is like


Can anyone help regarding this ?...
Thank you

Re: thermal printer font problem
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What do you mean by "bitmapped hex value"?

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Aha... Try freetype from sourceforge. Or hire me, I am already missing
my thermal printer project that got abandoned unexpectedly ;)

Re: thermal printer font problem
hi Mazur,
thank you for your responce.i have found one tool
'Fontgen' , that will give the bitmapped value of each character as
what we want. But we don't have any control with hight and width of the
character. If you come across any tool  regarding this , please inform
me. thank you.

Re: thermal printer font problem says...
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Metagraphics FontBuilder can generate a bitmap font from a TrueType
font.  It creates a Metagraphics FNT format file, but it's a relatively
straightforward structure, which you could choose to use, or simply
extract the bitmaps from.  You specify the point size characters you
want, for a specific DPI resolution.


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