The ARM7 dcc

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(Posted in comp.sys.arm too, sorry for the multipost.)


I am experimenting with the Debugger Communications Channel ("dcc") on
an ARM720T (LH79520). It works fine when my debugger is connected, but
hangs the system (except for some interrupts, possibly) when there is
no debugger. Of course it is hard to see what is going on since I then
by definition don't have the debugger connected :)

This happens even if I just use a single instruction to examine the
dcc control register (gcc syntax):

    unsigned int ret;
    __asm__ volatile (
              "mrc p14,0, %0, c0, c0,0\n"
              : "=r"(ret));

How can I check whether attempts to use the dcc are going to lock up
the CPU, without actually locking up the CPU?



John Devereux

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