starting embedded linux development

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Hi. I'm posting this in a couple of newsgroups that seem to be the most
applicable to my questions.

I'm about to start a development project based on the Technologic
Systems TS-7250 running
linux. While I have plenty of experience doing embedded development,
this is my first embedded linux project. I plan on using Cygwin on the
host side, and I'm most interested in how people debug applications and
kernel code in this environment. I understand I need to run dbg on the
target and a dbg stub of some type on the Cygwin side. I'd also like to
find some type of GUI front end for the host side debugger. Any and all
suggestions and comments are appreciated.

Lee Thalblum

Re: starting embedded linux development
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You'd better off if you could dedicate a real Linux box
for the development environment instead of Cygwin.

I had all kinds of problems with the connection to the
target system due to the non-transparent device handling
in the Windows layer. It is not Cygwin's fault, it is
indeed astonishingly good in showing the Windows system
to an Unixish system interface, but the I/O is only quite,
but not complete.

My targets are embedded AVR's and ARM's.

Just my EUR .02


Tauno Voipio
tauno voipio (at) iki fi

Re: starting embedded linux development

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I don't know this processor. But in general, I'd avoid Cygwin unless
your hardware is supported by a debug peripheral for which there are
only Windows drivers. It's just an additional layer of complexity -
much easier to go with native Linux.

As for graphical frontends, insight is the canonical choice.

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