Start-up code for x86 (Pentium) targets on GHS

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I'm trying to set up a proprietary Pentium-based prototype with The
Green Hills MULTI tools. Alas, the default start-up code that comes
with them is taylored to a PC-based with BIOS, diskette and the like,
already in 32-bit protected mode, which is not my case.

Before playing with Intel's psycho-chip, and guessing when I need an
override prefix and where, I wonder if somebody could lend me a hand
and providing me with some start-up code for a bare board like mine.

Thanks a lot.

Re: Start-up code for x86 (Pentium) targets on GHS
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Sounds like lots of head-banging in your future (:

Take a look at the linux bios project.  The initialization
code might help you: /

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