stable storage schemes (was:Continous eeprom checksum microcontroller )

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(About EEPROM error checking/correction)
More interesting (or more practical for many purposes) is a check and
correction scheme which works on single objects instead of the whole
memory. If you have the requirement to store and load dynamically (and
frequently) during operation, you need to use a method which
immediately discovers errors at the moment of transfer into the
working set of data. Taking into account power losses during write
often goes hand in hand with other "defensive" strategies. Unluckily
there isn't too much to find on the net about transaction schemes and
stable storages (at least not in tech detail, mostly stable storage is
assumed as a basis to explain sg. different). My implementation is a
(out-of-fashion?) block oriented, directory-less so-so file system; I
wonder if there are people in here who have devised/implemented
different systems. Any hints?


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