software engineer looking for a hardware solution of a MP3 Player

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For private interest and as a birhtday present I want to develop a
simple MP3 Player which plays a song from some kind of solid-state
memory when it receives a signal. The power for the playing of the
music must come from a battery and while it is not playing I want to
power down as much as possible - in essence it is enough to startup
everything on the signal. As interface to this device I would like to
have a USB Port over which I can stream a new piece of music onto
memory. Ideally in such situations it would draw it's power from USB
and I can also check the battery status over the USB.
I've been programming on PCs for the past 10 years from C over C++ to
Java and C# and have a strong Desktop development background. I have
some Assembler (x86 and a bit of Alpha) knowledge and had 2 courses on
embedded programming with microcontrollers during my studies. My
problem isn't developing the micro programm or the device driver for
windows nor (obivously) the frontend for it and I don't mind it being a
closed solution in the sense that only my software has access to the
device. I'm looking for some viable hardware with which I could create
such a solution. I have found some MP3 chips, but a certain level of
documentation for dummies is a requirement. Some pointers where to
start as semi-newbie and ideas how to solve the problem would be great.

Eduard Ralph

Re: software engineer looking for a hardware solution of a MP3 Player
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How about heading over to the AVRfreaks site ( There's
several ready-to-roll MP3 projects including hardware schematics and source
code waiting for you. I'm sure if you search other fora (Microchip PIC, ARM,
whatever) you will find plenty similar projects that you can use right away.


Re: software engineer looking for a hardware solution of a MP3 Player
Thanks for the Tip. I'll go check it out. Of course any more ideas
where to get started are still appreciated.


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