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Can someone point me to work that has been done in the area of
integrating hardware and software (using standard ISA) on a single

The hardware is not exactly a co-processor, so I am think what are the
ways they can communicate?


Re: SOC Elementary question
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Look at the on-chip bus specification for the core you intend to use.
The bus interface on the core will probably dictate how you talk to
the hardware, though perhaps if your hardware is really funky you may
need to bridge it somehow (e.g. with a DMA controller).

Re: SOC Elementary question

Have the look to the IC specifications of some SOCs from TI (the OMAP
platform), ST or Philips (the NEXPERIA platform). You will see how they
organize their hardware around a bus/memory hierarchy. Communication between
the software running on the processor and the hardware cores is usually
memory based for the configuration (all hardware parameters are mapped to
specific memory addresses that the processor can address like any variable),
while an interrupt mechanism is nice for notification. I would reserve
polling status registers for very specific cases.

If you detail a little bit more what you intend to do, which pieces of
software and hardware you intend to integrate together, then I could perhaps
give you more tips.

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