Simulation Potentiometer Recommendation?

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I have a potentiometer on a simulation board used to simulate an A/D input
to a microcontroller-based product.

The pot is a Radio Shack $1.99 kind of model.  It worked OK for about 2
months and now it is behaving erratically.

Application is low-current, strictly transducer stuff.

Can anyone recommend a better style of potentiometer to use that will behave
more precisely and last longer?

Constraints are:

a)Should be no more than 1-2 turn (it is operated manually, and a 10-turn
pot would be a pain).

b)Should be mechanically capable of accepting a knob (a screwdriver is too
much work).

Cost is no object.  I'd go up to $25 if it would last a year.

Thanks, Dave.

Re: Simulation Potentiometer Recommendation?
try Midori America in L.A.

conductive plastic pots.

Re: Simulation Potentiometer Recommendation?
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Anything should be better than a Radio Shack.  You are looking for
generic carbon pots, which come in various tapers, such as
logarithmic, linear, etc.  Digikey should produce something.
Salvaging something from an older radio/tv volume or tone control
should do.

Chuck F ( (
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Re: Simulation Potentiometer Recommendation?
Hello CBFalconer,

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Those are actually the best. Those big old encapsulated monster pots. I
never had one of them fail on me so far.

Regards, Joerg

Re: Simulation Potentiometer Recommendation?
On Mon, 8 Aug 2005 11:40:09 -0400, the renowned "David T. Ashley"

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The gold standard is conductive plastic over a wirewound element, but
if you don't have too many bits of resolution, a cermet pot should
work well enough for you, at least to 10+ bits of settability.

Best regards,
Spehro Pefhany
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