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Anyone had any experience with Simtek non-volatile RAM - the sort that
writes all its data to (EEPROM?) in one hit when the supply falls below a
trigger level (type STK14CA8)?


Re: Simtek NVRAM
On Wed, 22 Dec 2004 13:02:09 +0100, "Geoffrey Mortimer"

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We've been using Simtek parts for about five years now, and they work
quite well.  You just have to make sure that you follow the data sheet
recommendations for Vcap and the pull up on the write line.  In
addition, you might have to make sure your program does not try to
access the contents of the RAM during store and recall cycles.

Did you have any more specific questions?

Jack Klein
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Re: Simtek NVRAM
hi Geoff,

Not that particular device, but have used the STK22C48 for a number of years
now without a problem.

They are good devices, a little expensive though.

Have you considered using FRAM from Ramtron. All the same benefits plus
more. No need to hold the supply up long enough to allow a write to EEPROM.
Can have a RTC as well. Wonderful devices.


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