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Hello there,

I am currently preparing a presentation about the SimpleScalar computer
simulation tool set. To give an overview about the simulation accuracy I am
looking for information about how detailed and accurate the simulatiors
provided with SimpleScalar (especially sim-outorder) are.

Can anyone point me to references/papers/benchmarks where somebody has
verified SimpleScalar simulation results against an actual target system
(be it Alpha, ARM, PPC, x86 or any other supported target)? The intended
audience at the presentation is almost certain to be asking about how
accurate SimpleScalar simulation is, and I am unable to find any
information on the web.

Which brings me to another thing: In the SimpleScalar hacker's guide
( ), Prof. Austin mentions
"constraint-based instruction scheduling" as a technique to simulate the
microarchitecture of a processor, as opposed to "cycle timers". I know
about the latter, but I am unable to find any information about instruction
scheduling as a simulation technique, AFAIK it describes mechanisms used by
modern processors or compilers to optimize the utilization of processor
resources. How is it used in simulators?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Enno Lbbers

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