Simple questions about MPC555

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I'm working with the MPC555 and the phytec development board.

One question is that I have a number of MPC555 chips that I think are
damaged.  At least either the code won't download (test register test
failed, some BDM communication failure), or the code appears to
download but doesn't function correctly (and code burned to a working
chip does).

Is there a built in hardware check that I can see if everything is
working on the SBC?  Or a way to find out what isn't working on the

Is burning to external FLASH the best way to go?
Is the MSI Wiggler the easiest way to communicate?

Thanks for any help anyone can provide.

Also I was thinking about trying out matlabs Real-Time Workshop
Embedded Coder.  Does anyone have an oppinion on that versus metrowerks

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