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Has anyone here used this chip.

Its a USB to UART Bridge with GPIO.

I purchased a breakout board from sparkfun but I could not get the
drivers to work on W98se or w2k.
[about half way down the page.]

Thanks for any insight.


Re: Silicon Labs CP2103
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I think you should ask SFE for support.

The CP210x have an eeprom so the chip usb data can be customized
(VID, PID, namestring, ...), and if SFE did customize, then they'd
have to customize the *.inf's of the SiLabs provided generic drivers

If it doesn't work then maybe SFE did something wrong in the
customization. Or the SFE drivers are outdated? The current version
from SiLabs is v4.28a, part of the install files is december 04 and
rest is april 05. (But you can't get the drivers directly, SiLabs
has a rip-off policy that you must buy one of their pricy CP210x
eval kits first, to get any driver download... :-| )

  - Jan

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