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Re: Shift 'em bits
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If, for some reason the interrupt are not allowed to be
turned off, one could (perhaps) use another atomic operation
to protect the results being processed.

For instance, if the interrupt supplies the 64 value
that needs to be shifted, it can place these in a

The main loop increments an index (atomic) and starts
working on the previously stored value.

But this is all guess work.

Thanks, Frank.
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Re: Shift 'em bits
On Fri, 19 Nov 2004 11:20:46 +0100, "WaldemarIII"

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Atomic 64 bit shift on an 8bit cpu ?
You need to disable interrupts.

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Out of curiostiy, why is assembly out of question ?

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Maybe, it'll help you tell us what and why you shift. There is maybe a
better way ?!

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