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For to market an USB peripheral,
I'll buy a vendor ID (VID) but i need only one PID,
in order pay off the price of the VID,
I am want to share PIDs.

Is somebody interested?  

Re: Share USB PID

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There is a guy who registered a VID a while ago and is selling the right to use
small blocks of VIDs
I think it was but I can't see it on his website now - may be
worth contacting
though. It was discussed on the piclist a while ago
May also be worth asking the supplier of your USB chip as they may be prepared
to allocate VIDs to
you - I know FTDI are happy to do this for users of their chips.

Re: Share USB PID
Thanks Mike !!!

Re: Share USB PID
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Just like beer, you don't "buy" a VID, you just rent a VID for a yearly
fee.  So beware!  Make sure the parties involved in sharing the VID
have an understanding (ie contract, if $$$ is at stake) for the yearly
renewal fee of the VID.  Once the VID has expired, the PIDs mean

I don't know what does when a VID expires.  I can't see any way
for them to deny the use of an expired VID other than through legal


Re: Share USB PID

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..or just make one up. 1 in 2^32 chance of clashing with another product,
multiplied by a pretty
big factor representing the chance of that product being installed in the same

Re: Share USB PID

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only the license to use the USB logo with a product requires a recurring
fee. It is possible to just buy a VID, but the costs are the same as for
a two year logo license which includes a VID. Once assigned a VID will
not expire.

See: /


Re: Share USB PID

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Sorry JJS but you are not correct here.

You do buy the rights to a vendor ID. Once you have paid your $1500 it is
yours for ever, they do not take it back.

The annual fee you refer to is the license to say that your product conforms
to the USB standard and has been tested to be so. You also have to submit
each product for testing to be able to claim this. Once you have done both
these, license fee + testing, your product will be listed as being compliant
to the USB spec.
If you do not have both these things you are not permitted to advertise or
use the USB compliance logo. However, your vendor ID is still valid and

As for the PID (product ID), it is manufacturer specific and should
controlled by the owner of the used vendor ID. It is not controlled by the
USB Implementers Forum.


Re: Share USB PID

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But I'm sure I read that you cannot re-distribute any of your allocated
range to third parties.  If this were the case, you could do a search for
'PID broker' to find inexpensive Vid/Pid allocations.

Also, if you can still download the Implementors List, you'll get an idea
about how the current VIDs have been  allocated by the Forum - to further
minimise a collision with an assigned VID.

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