Serial Product to USB i/f

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  I've got many projects that interface through the old easy combination
of a MAX232 device and Hyperterm (PC) or ZTerm (mac) for serial info

Is there a similar dynamic duo for a USB interface?  ie what's the basic,
low-cost easy to interface LSI device to do a USB interface, and is there
such a thing as a simple terminal program to show me serial data without
having to code anything - aka HypertermUSB?


Re: Serial Product to USB i/f
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The most popular appears to be FTDI's chip.  ( )
It simulates a aerial port interface to the HW and a serial USB on the
USB side so the terminal emulation programs still work.  


Re: Serial Product to USB i/f

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have a look at:
there is a big group of devices there that use the FTDI chips.


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Re: Serial Product to USB i/f
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If you want the quick easy solution, get a USB-to-RS232 adapter.  I'm a big
fan of I bought a RS232-to-USB adapter off of Ebay and it
was crap, but serialio's works great.  It let me use the Java SerialPort
class to interface to my microcontroller through my laptop's USB port
without changing any code.

To show serial data being transmitted in a presentation recently I used a
free trial version of the program called "Advanced Serial Port Monitor",
just do a search on Google for it.  It lets you run your programs normally
while it runs in "spy mode" and shows what's passing through the port.  This
only works for serial ports but it works for USB if you use serial-to-USB


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Re: Serial Product to USB i/f
The devices (implemented at provide their
USB interface to the Windows O/S via virtual comm port and via DLL
function calls.  The virtual comm port is an easy way to go.  You
might consider RealTerm (free) if you need hex data instead of just
ascii, (but it is limited to port 1-4).

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