schematic of BDM multilink cable

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I am looking for the schematic of the BDM multilink cable.
I need this because I want to program my Motorola HCS12 C
via the standard Parallel port or USB port of my PC.

I am looking for this because buying the programmer is very expensive
and I like it to create my own PCB's.

Is there anyone who can help me by sending me an URL where I can download
the schematic?  Or even better: mail me the schematic.

I would appreciate this very well.
Thanks in advance.


Re: schematic of BDM multilink cable

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Most of these cables are not very expensive - unless you are doing this as a
hobby at home, or needing large numbers of programming cables, then you are
probably better off buying one.  Companies like PE Micro, and Olimex make
such cables for various micros and often provide schematics as well.

If you are doing one yourself, you definitely want a parallel cable
programmer - they are far simpler than USB programmers.

Try doing a bit of google searching - these things are not hard to find.

Re: schematic of BDM multilink cable
    The BDM specifications for the 9S12 are available on Motorola's web
site.  This should be all you need to design your own interface.  The
problem you will have is the PC software.  Every company that designs BDMs
has their own proprietary software interface.  Unless you can find the
command definitions from one of the BDM manufactures you will not be able to
use the commercially available software tools such as Metrowerks CodeWarrior
and will have to write a program for the PC to download your binary.  You
may want to check out  They have an ActiveX control for
windows to communicate with their BDM interface board which is cheaper then
the P&E..


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